Spectra Valve & Membrane Set

Spectra Valve & Membrane Set


Product Description

The Spectra Valve & Membrane Set is used to create suction to draw out Breast Milk while pumping. The membrane opens and releases during pump cycles allowing proper connection to the breast. This can be used as a replacement for the Spectra Duckbill Valve. The valve and membrane set provide the same functionality as the duckbill valve but with an alternative two piece design. Two valves and two membranes are included in each set. Can be use as spare parts whether your on-the-go or needing to maintain an extra supple at home or work. Spectra Valve & Membrane Set are specifically designed and authentic for Spectra Baby USA Breast Pumps.If you have questions or issues with any Spectra product, please reach out to our Customer Care team before contacting your original place of purchase. We will happily assist anyone with all questions at 1-855-405-0993.


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